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It all started in Wine country

In 2013, the founders Max and Arnaud were attending school for their Masters of Int’l Business in Bordeaux, France.

One of their class projects was to build a global business, and so they started looking for interesting ideas and solutions.

They found a study that proved the health benefits of Coffee Leaf Tea. It all clicked when they realized that the typical coffee farm only has a three-month long harvest season. What if the leaf could stabilize their economy?

Off to Nicaragua

At the end of their school year, they decided to pursue this unique project. In order to create a consistent supply chain with top quality, they opted to go to Nicaragua.

The real challenge proved to be convincing at least one farm owner to believe in the idea. Once they had one on board, they started making trials.

After three months of visiting farms, speaking with families, harvesting leaves, and hundreds of mosquito bites, it all paid off when they came back with the world’s newest resurrection of Coffee Leaf Tea.

Homebase in Vancouver

For the better part of a year, Max and Arnaud moved in with Max’s parents. This was the only way they could afford to get Wize Monkey off the ground.

They launched Wize Monkey in November 2014, and since then, have won Best New Product at the 2015 World Tea Expo and attracted worldwide press.

With the local crowd picking up and customers coming from over 35 countries, the founders are proud to call Vancity home.

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Our Mission

To break the poverty cycle in coffee communities by harvesting a tasty, healthy, and sustainable product.

Meet The Team

Max Rivest

Co-Founder, CEO

After experiencing a coffee overdose in November 2012, Max decided that tea was the answer. He’s passionate about latin culture, art, and corporate transparency. Having a background in International Sustainable Development and a Master’s in International Business, Max’s personal goal is to set a new standard in the tea and coffee industries for transparency and straight-forward communications.

He is most excited about the opportunity to revolutionize the coffee industry and give back to the cultures and people that have given him so many great experiences.

Arnaud Petitvallet

Co-Founder, COO

This French-native is passionate about culture, food, and travel. Through international studies and experiences, he has developed a deep appreciation of culture and an ethical conscience in his business practices. His main motivation for co-founding Wize Monkey is to bring you a new beverage that is not only good for you, but also great for the producers in Latin America.

He is devoted to delivering the best and most straight-forward product because you deserve to know what’s in your cup.

Enrique Ferrufino

Co-Founder, Production

Enrique is a third-generation coffee farmer with leading innovation and ethical practices in Nicaragua. He has always been passionate about agronomy, biology, and creating delicious coffee. Now, with the leaf being the focus, he is an integral part in the research and development of new Coffee Leaf Teas.

Enrique studied agronomy at Purdue University, and Finance at University of Toronto.




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